With nature at hand.


Flybau's living walls an/or roofs consist of modular panels that can be attached to the exterior of a building, interior walls, space dividers, fences roofs, or virtually any vertical structure. Their economic, environmental and physiological benefits are: biodiversity & habitat, air quality, acoustic buffering, etc.

Our purpose is to create homes so people can live within the ecosystem and not try to rule it! Our products are catalysts of diversity and not a liquidator of species. We are designing the protectors of life to vanquish the ones that are destroying it. Our every product has some

Our commitment to reduce the carbon footprint has not only stopped at manufacturing level, but has been integrated thruout the entire system itself. Even the placement of building on the site has only minimal interference in the environment. A fast construction time and minimal trace left behind - if we move elsewhere.

Home alone, never again.


Smallest possible footprint.